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S7841 Event Monitor
- four channel event recorder

Event Monitor photo

Event Logger S7841

Data event recorder records beginning and end of monitored event by sensing logical state of signal coming to its input from monitored object.
It is possible to download recorded values to the PC by a communication adapter.


Event logger advantages:

  • variability of PC connectivity - RS232, USB, Ethernet, GSM modem
  • permanent connection to the PC enabled, data is possible to download even during logging
  • large dual line display, switchable
  • robust case
  • easy installation, locking enabled
  • low power consumption from battery, battery life up to 4 years
  • indication of remaining battery life, easy replacement of the battery
  • logging start/stop is enabled in several ways: at certain time and date programmed from computer, by delivered magnet or depending on logical state on channel 4 input
  • each logical state is possible to describe from the PC with the text of maximum 8 characters. Description is used on the list of the recorded values
  • each logger is possible to describe with text of maximum 32 characters
  • each channel is possible to describe with text of maximum 16 characters
  • password protection is enabled to prevent unauthorized manipulation with logger
Number of binary inputs: 4
Input signals: from potential-less contact or two-state voltage signal - selection by the switch
Parameters of the potential-less contact input:
- minimum pulse duration:
- max.number of changes at input:
- current through closed contact:
- voltage at open contact:
- maximum voltage at the input:

500 ms (shorter pulses may not be recorded)
maximum 20 changes on all inputs in 10s interval
5 uA
< 3.6 V
±30 V
Parameters of voltage input:
- minimum pulse duration:
- max.number of changes at input:
- low voltage level:
- high voltage level:
- current to the input:
inputs are mutually galvanically isolated
500 ms (shorter pulses may not be recorded)
maximum 20 changes on all inputs in 10s interval
0 to +2.0 V
+4.5 to +30.0 V
maximum 1.5 mA at 30V
Terminal of input signals: removeable WAGO 734, maximum cross section of leads 1,5mm2
Data logging modes: noncyclic – logging stops after filling the memory
cyclic – after filling memory oldest data is overwritten by new
Memory capacity: noncyclic record - 16254 input signal changes
cyclic mode - 15 778 input signal changes
Real time clock: integrated calendar including leap years
Real time clock error: < 200 ppm (i.e. 0.02%, 17.28 s in 24 h)
LCD display refresh: 5 s
Communication with the PC: via RS232 by means of COM adapter
via USB by means of USB adapter
via Ethernet by means of LAN adapter
Power: Lithium battery 3.6V, size AA, typical life 4 years, indication of remaining life
Operating temperature range: -30 to +70°C
Dimensions without terminals: 93 x 64 x 29 mm
Weight: 130 g
Protection: IP20
Warranty: 2 years

Example of monitoring of door contacts

event logger S7841

Included accessories

Removeable connector terminal and the battery is included in delivery. No other accessory is included. For basic use it is necessary to order at minimum a COM adapter or USB adapter or LAN adapter for communication with computer, optionally a start/stop magnet, if needed to control logging the other way than directly from computer or by external binary signal.

Anytime it is possible to download free basic Windows program for data logger. Program enables to control all logger functions and viewing and printing of record in numerical and simple graphic format. It is possible to export recorded values to dbf or txt formats for further analysis.

Image of data logger program SWR004 Windows optional software for data logger - color printing, vertical and horizontal zooming of graphs and other functions.
Database Logger Program DBL Database program DBL Logger Program for work with data from Comet loggers.

Program enables i.a.:
- To set locally the GSM modem via RS232 link by means of the QMS2901 cable.
- To view selected channels from any Comet logger together with selected channels of other Comet loggers.
- Measurement from different Comet devices is possible to combine in one table or graph.
- To choose any time interval for analysis.
- Print, export to PDF - table and graph.
- Uses freeware database server MySQL
Larger photo of data logger CD SW100 CD with free PC program
Larger photo of data logger adapter LP002 COM adapter for communication with personal computer via RS232 serial port
Larger photo of data logger adapter LP003 USB adapter for communication with personal computer via USB port
Larger photo of data logger adapter LP005 LAN adapter - external converter for communication with the PC via Ethernet, including ac/dc adapter 230Vac/5Vdc.
Exceeding of adjusted limits is alarmed by sending e-mail message or trap.
More information in manual of Ethernet interface in pdf Manual of data logger LAN adapter in pdf
GSM data logger

New !

Wireless communication with loggers via GSM
Larger photo of data logger magnet LP004 start/stop magnet
Larger photo of data logger Dual Lock MD036 self adhesive Dual Lock for easy installation
Larger photo of data logger holder F9000 wall holder secured against unauthorized removal
Larger photo of data logger battery A4203 spare Lithium battery 3.6V size AA

Event logger data sheet in pdf Data sheet od event recorder

Manual for data logger in pdf Complete instruction manual for data logger

Manual for data logger in pdf Instruction Manual for quick start of data logger