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Battery data loggers Sxxxx, Rxxxx

Portable instruments Commeter

Monitoring systems MSx

Temperature, humidity, pressure transmitters

Answers to data loggers:

How does data logger communicate with the computer?

Datalogger communicates with the PC via infra red adapter. Adapter can be connected to serial COM port of the computer (type "COM Adapter"), or to USB port (type "USB Adapter"). Plug adapter to the slots of the logger right side where small window is visible. This type of communication is not compatible with infra red ports IrDa (on portable computers etc.). Adapter must be plugged in the slots, IR connection for long distance is not possible.

How long is the communication cable?

Communication adapters for COM or USB port have cable length of 1.8m. Cable to COM adapter is possible to extend by serial cable to maximum 15m, USB cable is not possible to extend.

How long temperature probe cable can be?

Maximum cable length from data logger to temperature sensor (Pt1000) is 10m. It is not possible to guarantee specified measuring accuracy for longer cables.

What storing intervals are enabled concretely?

Possible values of storing intervals are 10, 20, 30sec, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30min, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 24hours.

Is it possible for older Lxxxx loggers and newer S/Rxxxx loggers to use one communication adapter?

For opeartion of above loggers one communication adapter is sufficient. Also new version of user sw supports both logger types . If you have PCA communication adapter to logger Lxxxx from the past, it is not compatible for new loggers S/Rxxxx. On the contrary, if you have newer communication adapter designed for loggers S/Rxxxx (marked COM adapter or USB adapter), it works with both loggers.

I need longer cable for COM adapter, what is the cable wiring diagram?

If you cannot use standard extension COM cable (shops with computer accessory), you can do it yourself: - total cable length (including the lead from COM adapter) should not exceed 10m - use 4 wire shielded cable - connectors CANON9 female/connect male connector 1:1, where only pins 2,3,4,5,7 are connected (shielding is connected to pin 5)

How does LAN adapter work?

LAN adapter enables communication of loggers with the PC program via ethernet. In principle it is an extension of RS232 link with the alarm function. In case of an error LAN adapter enables to send e-mail to maximum 3 addresses and trap to maximum 3 IP addresses. After connection of power LAN adapter tries to connect to the logger in adjusted intervals and checks if alarm in logger appeared. If so e-mails and traps are send to adjusted recipients. At the same time LAN adapter memorizes this alarm and warning message is not sent if alarm is still valid in next reading from data logger a zjisteni. If LAN adapter power is interrupted or it is restarted (e.g. after configuration completion), information of sent alarms is not stored.

Can the voltage of both polarity be measured by logger S50x1 voltage input?

It is not possible, loggers S50x1 are designed for storing of standard voltage signal 0 to 5V from a transmitter with one polarity output.

What are the LCD display ranges for measured quantity of loggers S50x1, S60x1?

Data loggers S60x1 and S50x1 enables to display input signal computed to measured value both at the record print-out from the PC and on the LCD. Computing is only linear. The range of display:
display: 1.line (tj.1.channel) 2.line (2.channel)
highest positive number 19999 9999
lowest positive number 0,001 0,001
highest negative number -999 -9999
lowest negative number -0,01 -0,001
If measured value exceeds the displayable range, symbols "----" are displayed. Number of decimal point is fixed (automatic mode is not possible). Range is set from 0 to 3 decimal points (independently for each channel).

The time response to ambient temperature change of S3120 logger is slow.

All thermometers/hygrometers with built-in sensors (i.e. without external probe) have longer time response in principle (caused by the instrument mass). This feature may not be a iproblem in most cases - in warehouses temperature changes are rather slow. Time response depends strongly also on ambient air flow velocity. In closed rooms air velocity tends to zero - under such conditions time response about 60 min is real number. Data logger S3120 is not suitable as a portable instrument for fast measurement.

I need to indicate condition of condensation creation on the window pane by S3631 with external temperature probe, but the results are not good.

Temperature of tested surface must be measured accurately - it is necessary to use suitable surface probe and ensure maximum thrust, optionally isolate probe body from ambient (warmer) air. Also measure the ambient air temperature and humidity farer from window towards room center, because at window parapet is not dew point measurable correctly. For correct measurement of dew point is necessary to measure air temperature and humidity BEFORE its contact with colder surface, because condensation causes temperature and humidity descent.

How can I map USB cable to a different COM port?

Device Administrator-Features of USB port- Port settings- Advanced - Com Port Number.
Set required COM port. See figure

USB Driver

Answers to Commeters:

New laptop computers are not equipped with serial COM port. Do I have another possibility to connect Commeter Dxxxx to the PC?

For solution of this problem is avilable product with code MP006 "RS232/USB converter for communication with USB port of computer", which is plugged between PC USB port and communication cable for Commeter instrument. After installing included driver virtual serial port in the PC is created for communication with the instrument.

After battery replacement instrument is still not working - LCD is OFF and ON/OFF button does not switches ON the instrument.

Instrument electronic circuitry is probably blocked by too low voltage of original battery - disconnect battery again and let instrument about 30min without power. Then connect the battery and instrument would work normally. Above problem does not appear, if you follow the next procedure (described also in the instruction manual): Low battery voltage is indicated on the display with blinking reading "BAT". It is necessary to replace it with new one as soon as possible. It is absolutely necessary to replace battery with instrument switched OFF, otherwise internal time and other settings and data in memory HOLD, MIN and MAX will be lost. For the same reason do not disconnect the battery for longer than 1 minute even if instrument is switched OFF. Problem with blocked instrument could appear only, if battery is in instrument till total discharge - in despite of several days or several weeks low battery indication.

I have a dual channel thermocouple thermometer C/D0321. Value of first channel is influenced by connection of second probe to second channel and vice versa. How is it possible?

Both connected thermocouple probes must not be galvanically connected. Usual probes with metal cover do not have thermocouple wires isolated from metal cover. During measurement at electrically conductive materials (metal constructions, some fluids etc.) with two such probes measurement inaccuracy can appear.

Answers to monitoring systems MSx:

Where manuals for monitoring system MS2,3,4+ , MS5 and appendixes can be found?

Install actual program version (preferably from internet or from CD). In the Start option find folder with user program. There are two files there - Basic Manual and Appendixes to Manual in pdf format.

I have both MS2, MS3, MS4, MS2+,MS3+, MS4+ and MS5 monitoring systems. Can I use the same SW?

No, monitoring systems MS2, MS3, MS4 require different SW than other types. Iti recommended to upgrade to MS2+, MS3+ a MS4+ or use two different programs. If you have monitoring system units connected via RS485 bus, do not connect models MS2, MS3, MS4 to the same communication link with other models.

When is it necessary to buy optional SW version for monitoring systems?

If you need graphic data visualisation, users and password administration, automatical data download, to store data outside of the local computer, www display. It is highly recommended regarding to extremely reasonable price.

Where error messages table from logger LCD can be found?

In the Start option find folder with user program and Appendixes to Manual, search in Content.

I need to add or change input modules in the system.

It is a qualified operation. Unskilled manipulation can cause damage of monitoring system. If you are skilled in work with low voltage devices, ask for proper procedure description.

Can you recommend suitable back up source?

With model BZ24E (manufacturer ELTECO-UPS) minimum back up time is 6 hours with 0.5A current. Source was tested with MS3+ system with 9 input modules, consumption cca 110 mA@24V and was reached 30 hours time. Approximate consumptions of monitoring system can be found in Appendixes to Manual.

Where wiring diagrams for communication connectors can be found?

In the Start option find folder with user program and Appendixes to Manual, search in Content.

I need to upgrade of older MS system to MS+. Can I do it by myself?

Not recommended. Procedure itself is not too complicated, but requirements for replacement of some part can appear. It is recommended to send to the manufacturer. Monitoring system older than from 1999 is not possible to upgrade.

I have problems with function of external and internal audio indication.

Please mind to switch ON these functions globally in folder Profile and then for each channel and alarm individually in the folder Alarms and indication. Always finally test the function by creating alarm.

I have data logger connected via USB and it stopped to communicate.

Most often your computer changed the number of virtual communication port. Look at the user SW to Setting of communication for COM port number you use and verify, if it is identical with one, operating system assigned (in Device Administrator). If not you can correct in user SW or in Device Administrator. Display Parameters of your COM port and change in folder Port settings - Advanced. Always plug USB cable to the same socket.

I need to send data logger to service, should I disconnect all cables?

No, do not disconnect wires one by one, terminal block is two-piece pull all block out. You save lot of work in completion.

Could you build monitoring system with faster sampling interval than 1s?

No, shortest logging interval is 1s, our monitoring systems are designed mostly for long term record of slower processes.

I have MS5 system (or MSx+) connected to the computer. I need once a week to download data to a server and to see actual values at the same time on several computers.

The function requires optional program version. On computer, monitoring system is connected to, set in After Start menu of your operating system user MS program. Then run the program and in menu File - Options in book mark Folders enter path to the server, where you can store data. In book mark Display tick Run after start and tick Distant www access at the bottom. Note down specified computer name or IP address. In folder Automatic download select day and hours of data download, optionally other selections and confirm the window. Check in menu Configuration-Setting of communication, if this datalogger has enabled automatic data download - "A" must be ticked besides monitoring system name. If not tick via SET button. Restart the computer. After awhile user MS program runs with active DISPLAY mode. Go to another computer and enter in internet browser to address field the name of the computer, you noted down before. You could see www pages with actual measured values.

I forgot password for communication with data logger. Can you give me universal password to get to the data logger?

There is no such password. To erase active password it is necessary to perform complex procedure inside of monitoring system unit using several jumpers.

With MS5 there are new inputs D4, D5, E4, K3 and inputs D3 and E3 disappeared. It is possible to install new inputs to MS+ loggers and older inputs to MS5 loggers?

New inputs to older monitoring system unit is possible to install. New SW version is required to recognize new input modules. Do not install older inputs with 400 V range to MS5 systems. The reason is the safety - maximum voltage is 50V AC resp. 75 V DC. If you need to measure higher voltage, use external converters. The same is valid for current inputs C1 and C2 - do not connect them directly in serial with phase lead, use measuring current transformer.

I wish to implement your data logger to my monitoring system. Can I get your communication protocol?

Communication protocol description will be supplied to you on request. Relatively easier job is to read on-line measured values. Complex record management and setting of configuration is not an easy task.

I need to communicate with the data logger via USB for more than 10m. Is it possible?

In principle it is possible. However, USB repaters are required. Without repeaters communication up to 5m is possible. Simplier solution is probably USB/RS485 converter and connection to monitoring system via RS485.

I need to measure from several input channels different values and these calculate together and then record. Is it possible?

Not enabled. Monitoring system does not enable arithmetic operation with values between channels. The only possibility is to record measured values and then work with them after export.

Answers to transducers:

How can I read data from Tx51x, P85xx transmitters to the computer?

To display data from transmitter you need only any internet browser. After entering transmitter IP address you can view actual measured values, graph and table with 100 sets of measured values. See figure

Transmitter enables to read data by means of the following protocols: ModBus, SNMP and WWW pages. The most reliable way is to use ModBus, then SNMP and then WWW pages. For reading data a suitable program is required. From Comet is available free program for record from one transmitter to csv file (for further work in e.g. MS Excel).
For acquiring values from several transmitters, third party software is necessary to use. We tested functionality with programs TIRS.NET, ControlWeb, EasyView. For record of values to graphs via web interface, project Cacti www.cacti.net is available.

Client needs to read data from the transmitter to his system.

At the moment we do not have any software for reading data from more than one transmitter. Digital output transmitters Txxxx and P85x1 communicate via ModBus. It is possible to use own program, or use any software, capable to communicate via ModBus or SNMP. For acquiring values from several transmitters, third party software is necessary to use. We tested functionality with programs TIRS.NET, ControlWeb, EasyView. For record of values to graphs via web interface, project Cacti www.cacti.net is available.

What ModBus is?

ModBus is communication protocol, enabling to read data from the transmitter. For details please visit e.g. http://modbus.org/. ModBus is implemented in digital output transmitters of Txxxx, P85x1 families.

What SNMP is?

SNMP is a Simple Network Management Protocol implemented in transmitters of Tx5xx, P85x1 families. For the function it is necessary to install some browser, e.g. Ireasoning MIB browser, for reception of warning messages from the transmitter e.g. Trap receiver. Programs for reception of traps are mostly able to receive message and make some action, e.g. send an e-mail.

What SNTP is?

If you have an internet connection, it is possible to synchronize time in the transmitter with time from servers connected to interne. Protocol SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) is based on protocol NTP (Network Time Protocol) and uses for communication port number 123. It is a much more sophisticated protocol than protocol Time was, using among others 4-bit time marks in format of fixed decimal point number. This way it is possible to reach higher synchronizing accuracy about 50 ms. For details on protocol SNTP read documents RFC-2030 and RFC-1769, description of protocol NTP is possible to find in documents RFC-1305, RFC-1119, RFC-1059 and RFC-958.

The Tx5xx, P85x1 transmitter is not possible to find on the network.

1. Run program Tsensor
2. Find device
3. Select "Help my device wasn't found!" in window
Enter MAC address of transmitter and vacant IP address at the range of your network to the formulary and confirm.
4. If it does not help, repat steps 1-3 and in last window tick "Set IP to ARP table only".
5. After execution run command line (start/run/cmd) and enter Telnet command [specified IP address] 9999 and enter. If you get to menu, change IP address and store the setting.

There is always "def" displayed on the LCD.

Open transmitter, press button.

How can I store measured values by means the Tsensor program?

In no manner. Program Tsensor serves only for transmitter setting. Use our free SensorReader program to store values or you can write your own. SensorReader is ready to dowload anytime - click PROGRAMS button at the top.

Transmitters T3511, T4511, T7511, T2514: Where can I find button and jumper on the PCB and what is their function?

Button: After pressing symbol def appears on the LCD. If button is pressed while connecting power, password in telnet is erased (in configuration program). In instruments without etherent interface button has different function.
Jumper: Serves as write protection to adjustment constants of the instrument.

Transmitters T3511, T4511, T7511, T2514: How to change ModBus port?

In older versions of firmware ( up to 1-3-3.02) is standard port for ModBus communication adjusted to 501. In that case it is recommended to update firmware of transmitter to newer. In newer versions of firmware it is possible to change port by means of the configuration program TSensor.

Transmitters P8541, P8511: Instead of the measured values from transmitters only tags <%.. are displayed.

Only one tag pair < % % > is allowed in each line of source code.

Transmitters P8541, P8511: I cannot connect to the SNTP server - local PC time is still displayed.

Set IP address of the port and mask

Transmitters Tx51x, P85xx: Can I power transmitters from Ethernet?

Yes. Use any splitter, we have tested D-Link DWL-P50.

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