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Download - Programs for MS Data Loggers

Programs for dataloggers COMET are designed for operational systems Windows 2000 and later. Recommended is computer with Windows XP or higher, with at least 512MB of RAM.

SWR006 - low cost program for actually produced MS loggers data logger program
Programs have two versions - basic version is free of charge, optional version is paid - customer obtains licence card with installation code.

Installation program is common for both versions of program - basic and optional. When program is running first time, it asks installation code - if code is entered, program will run as optional version. If no code is supplied, program will be installed as basic version.

SWR006 (45 MB) - ver.
Program for sixteen channel dataloggers MS6, MS5, MS2+, MS3+, MS4+.
History of versions.

DBM MS Logger Program - low cost database program DBM MS Logger Program

Program is available to download from database programs page.

Description of DBM MS Logger Program.

Program for older dataloggers MS2, MS3, MS4

Sixteen channel dataloggers MS2, MS3, MS4 (1,8MB), ver.
Program for sixteen channel dataloggers


It is possible to download demonstration record files for above programs from different data logger models. To view demonstration record files install proper logger program first and then demonstration data.
Demonstration data for program for MS2+, MS3+, MS4+ monitoring systems

WWW pages templates

If your MS datalogger has built-in Ethernet interface with web pages option included, you can create your own version of those web pages. You will need to download some files: Other files necessary for web pages creation: jsgraphics1.js, mimetype.ini, web2cob, WebFileCreator (405 kB), pdf manual for MS5.