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Data acquisition system MS55D

NEW - data logger MS55D replaces data loggers MS5D, MS5.
The reason of replacement is to offer system to user, which works from the user point identically as MS6 system, but it is equipped with input modules known from MS5 data loggers.
MS55D data loggers support all advantages of MS6 data loggers including faster communication protocol.
MS55D is designed to applications, where universal inputs of MS6 do not offer required parameters.

The complete solution for monitoring of temperature, humidity and other values especially in following applications:

Single-channel to sixteen-channel data loggers are designed for recording of values from transducers of variety of quantities, alarm state indication, and process control. Data logger with transducers configured accordingly to client order can measure analog signals, frequency, count impulses, evaluate two-state quantities and read data from devices compatible with Modbus RTU and ADAM Advantech protocol. Input signals are connected to removable terminal block located on the logger upper side. Analyzing of the record is enabled after data download to the personal computer by means of the included program via USB, RS232, Ethernet or GSM modem. Local or remote online data presentation is also enabled.

Free program for monitoring system for Windows is ready to download.
data logger - larger photo


  • fully equipped data logger
  • dual line alphanumerical LCD display
  • four control buttons
  • 32 alarm LEDs


Data acquisition system especially enables:

Memory type: internal SRAM, backed-up by Lithium battery
Total memory capacity: 2MB (up to 480 000 values)
Data logging modes: noncyclic - logging stops after filling the memory
cyclic - after filling memory oldest data is overwritten by new
Data logging interval: adjustable individually for all input channels from 1 second to 24 hours
Real time clock: year, leap year, month, day, hour, minute, second, backed-up by Lithium battery
Input measured values (1 to 16 inputs): are defined for each channel by installed input modules (see table) accordingly to user requirements
Resolution of the AD converter (analog channels): 16 bits, conversion duration approximately 60ms/channel
Supported interface for communication with computer:
  • RS232 (RxD,TxD,RTS,CTS,GND), cable up to 15 m. Enables direct connection with the PC or via line modem or GSM modem - including sending and reception of SMS messages - included.
  • USB interface - included
  • RS485 - cable up to 1200 m, galvanically isolated, possibility of connection of several data loggers to one communication link - included
  • Ethernet interface LAN. Communication via: www, XML, SNMP, SOAP, www, ModbusTCP, e-mail, Syslog - optional
Communication speed: 9600, 19200, 57600, 115200 Bd, 230400* Bd (* applicable for USB, Ethernet)
Outputs for alarm indication: 1) Red LED at the side of the case, 32 LEDs
2) Relay max. 8A/250Vac, switching-over contact
3) Voltage signal 0V/4.8V, maximum current 50mA, output designed for connection of external audio indication unit or telephone voice dialer
4) Alarm can be signalled also by SMS
Power: 9 to 30Vdc, 24Vdc recommended
Operating temperature range: 0 to +50C
Dimensions including connectors: 215 x 225 x 60 mm
Protection: IP20
Warranty: 2 years

Communication interfaces:

monitoring system interface Figure: communication interface, alarm outputs, connection of power - Ethernet interface is optional

monitoring system inputs Figure: data logger inputs - serial input RS485IN is optional

Inputs marked with asterisk (*) are available also as galvanically isolated - see notes below table.
Numb.TypeMeasured valueAccuracyNote
M1001 A0 dc current 4 to 20 mA 0.1% FS With source approximately 21V for two-wire transducers with current loop (e.g. temperature and humidity transducers Comet). Only galvanic not isolated.
M1002 A1* dc current 4 to 20 mA 0.1% FS for passive sensing of current
M1003 B0* dc current 0 to 20mA 0.1% FS  
M1004 B1* dc current 0 to 1A 0.1% FS  
M1005 B2* dc current 0 to 5A 0.1% FS  
M1006 C0 ac current 0 to 20mA 1% FS galvanic isolated only
M1007 C1 ac current 0 to 1A 1% FS galvanic isolated only
M1008 C2 ac current 0 to 5A 1% FS galvanic isolated only
M1009 D0* dc voltage 0 to 100mV 0.1% FS  
M1010 D1* dc voltage 0 to 1V 0.1% FS  
M1011 D2* dc voltage 0 to 10V 0.1% FS  
M1056 D5* dc voltage -10V to +10V 0,1% FS
( 20 mV)
M1055 D4* dc voltage 0 to 75V 0.1% FS
M1013 E0 ac voltage 0 to 100mV 1% FS galvanic isolated only
M1014 E1 ac voltage 0 to 1V 1% FS galvanic isolated only
M1015 E2 ac voltage 0 to 10V 1% FS galvanic isolated only
M1059 E4 ac voltage 0 to 50V 1% FS galvanically isolated
M1017 F* measurement of resistance (specify the range) 0.1% FS two-wire connection
M1018 J* input for Nickel RTD temperature sensor Ni1000, 6180 ppm/C, range -50 to +250C -50 to 100C 0.2C 100 to 250C 0.2% from reading  
M1019 K* input for Platinum RTD temperature sensor Pt100, range -140 to +600C -140 to+100C 0.2C 100 to 600C 0.2% from reading two-wire connection
M1020 K1* input for Platinum RTD temperature sensor Pt1000, range -140 to +600C -140 to+100C 0.2C 100 to 600C 0.2% from reading two-wire connection
M1060 K3 precise input for Platinum RTD temperature sensor Pt1000
range -10 to +50C
0.06C Two-wire connection.
Only galvanically not isolated.
M1021 N* thermocouple K (NiCr-Ni) range -70 to +1300C 0.3% from reading + 1.5C linearized, cold junction compensation
M1054 T* thermocouple T (Cu-CuNi) range -200 to +400C 0.3% from reading + 1.5C linearized, cold junction compensation
M1022 O* thermocouple J (Fe-Co) range -200 to 750C 0.3% from reading + 1.5C linearized, cold junction compensation
M1023 P* thermocouple S (Pt10%Rh-Pt), range 0 to 1700C 0.3% from reading + 1.5C from +200 to +1700C linearized, cold junction compensation
M1024 Q* thermocouple B (Pt30%Rh-Pt), range +100 to +1800C 0.3% from reading + 1.0C from +300 to +1800C linearized, without cold junction compensation
M1041 S* binary input for potential-less contacts maximum resistance of closed contact: 1000 ohms minimum duration for recording: 200ms
M1042 S1 binary voltage input voltage for "switched ON" state: 3 to 30Vdc, input current in the"switched ON" state: 1 to 9mA-depending on the applied voltage, minimum duration for indication of change: 200ms, galvanic isolated
M1044 CTU counter input for voltage signal voltage for "HIGH" state (for counter status change): 3 to 24Vdc maximum pulse frequency 5kHz, backed-up operation, galvanic isolated
M1045 CTK counter input for potential-less contacts and open collector maximum pulse frequency 5kHz, programmable filter of pulse ringing, backed-up operation during power mains failure, maximum resistance of closed contact: 10 kohms minimum resistance of open contact: 250 kohms, galvanic unisolated
M1047 FU input for measurement of frequency of voltage signal 0 to 5kHz, resolution 1Hz, accuracy (0.2% from reading + 1Hz) input voltage for state "H": 3 to 24Vdc input current in state "H": approximately 7mA minimum duration of input impuls: 30us, galvanic isolated
M1048 FK input for measurement of frequency of contact switching 0 to 5kHz, resolution 1Hz, accuracy (0.2% from reading + 1Hz) maximum resistance of closed contact: 10 kohms minimum resistance of open contact: 250 kohms, minimum duration of input pulse: 30us, galvanic unisolated
M1061 RP input for serial signal RS485 for devices supporting Modbus RTU or Advantech protocol E.g. measurement from Comet Tx41x temperature, humidity, pressure, transmitters.
Only devices using same communication protocol and same communication speed can be connected to one RP module.
Maximum speed 115200Bd.
Galvanic isolated.
Not compatible with older models MS234+.
Inputs marked ( * ) are not galvanic isolated and have common ground.
These inputs are available also as galvanic isolated.
Galvanic isolated analog inputs are marked with letter G following the name of input type (e.g. input for passive measurement of current 4-20mA - type A1 - with galvanic isolation is marked A1G).
Galvanic isolation is not designed as safety protection.

Input module for monitoring system

Input module A0 4-20mA

Input module for monitoring system

Counter input module CTU

Larger photo of monitoring system

View of power and input connectors
- three terminals/input

Included Accessories:

Traceable calibration certificate from the manufacturer with declared metrological ethalon traceability in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17025.
Example of calibration certificate.

Included is also RS232 communication cable of 2 meters length, USB communication cable A-B of 1.8 meters length and free program for Windows.
Free program is available to dowload anytime. Program enables to control all logger functions and view and print the record in numerical format. It is possible to export recorded data to dbf formats for further analysis, e.g. in MS Excel.
For work with graphs and other functions is possible to order optional program SWR006 or database program DBM MS Logger Program - see Optional Accessories.

Optional Accessories:

to monitoring system find here
power supply optional software DIN rail power supply audio alarm unit GSM modem humidity sensor temperature sensor GSM modem cable wall holders

Basic Manual in pdfBasic Manual in pdf
Manual in pdfManual Appendixes in pdf
Declaration of conformity in pdf formatDeclaration of conformity in pdf format

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